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Subject: Re: Renaming Boathouse & Remembering Big Joe - 2006

From:  Peter Clavelle (Bill Mitchell)

Date:   Thu, November 3, 2005 11:08 am

To:      Sandy Combs

Cc:      Doreen Kraft, Sara Katz, Wayne Gross




Bill here.


Our understanding of the City Council's action is that this was symbolic.


We do not expect that there will be a formal renaming of the boathouse.


We do expect that there will be a sculpture commemorating Big Joe, one which will be commissioned and dedicated on the Church Street Marketplace. This won't happen by February. However, the public art process has been underway, and a committee is working with Burlington City Arts to select the appropriate artist for this project.


Bill Mitchell

Assistant to the Mayor


>>> "Sandy Combs" wrote 11/03/05 10:52 AM >>>

Hi Peter & Bill,


See - http://tinyurl.com/duuyg

(Burlington City Council's Resolution RE: Big Joe Burrell)


Any chance of renaming the Boathouse on either of these dates:


1] Thursday, Feb 2, 2006

    (1-year anniversary of Joe's passing)


2] Thursday, Feb 9, 2006

    (Anniversary of Joe's 82nd Birthday)


I'd like to be able to make some definite plans concerning Joe's Remembrance.


Kindly advise as soon as possible.  Thanks.




Sandy Combs